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lastwordsfinalcover copy


Gwen and Hank are celebrating their one year anniversary, but little do they know,
Someone is watching them………

Someone has been looking for a couple like them for a long time…….

Someone wants to know all their darkest secrets…….

Someone won’t give them a chance to say no…….

Suddenly, a night of romantic bliss is turned into sheer terror, because
Someone has some questions for the happy couple………..

You, the reader, should feel lucky.
You only need to answer one question.
Who will make it out alive?

Last Words is the debut novelette from author Shaun Hupp. It’s a psychological thriller that contains blood, gore, and everything that makes for a great horror story.


worstkindofmonster6 copy

Why won’t anyone believe me?

Dustin knows there’s something in the basement. He’s heard the growling from the laundry chute for days. If he wants his parents to believe him, he’s going to need proof. And to get that, he’s going to have to go down there with….

The Worst Kind of Monster

From the author of the Novelette, Last Words, Shaun Hupp puts the reader behind the eyes of a child and brings them face-to-face with a monster. This story is not for the weak at heart. It contains disturbing scenes with gore.


jonscabin2 copy

Jon’s Cabin is the heartwarming tale of a father dealing with the loss of his wife to cancer. At the same time, he struggles to connect to his Autistic son, Jon. Will returning to the family cabin help this two find what they need?

This story won 1st place in a writing contest for short stories based on weather.


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