The Start of Something BIG

TheJackalPart1 copy


Seven years…The Jackal terrorized America.
Seven years…America waited for his execution.
Seven years…The Jackal returned for revenge.

Psychologist Mason Arnold & Detective Paul Snider’s lives were ruined by The Jackal.
They thought it was over but…
The body count is rising once again.


Every author keeps saying the same thing. Readers don’t trust newbie writers, especially when it comes to big novels. I started ‘The Jackal’ ten years ago and it currently sits around 300 pages. Could I sell it as my first novel? Of course. Would it be smart? I’m not sure.

That’s why I decided to try it as an ebook serial. I’ve seen other authors do it with some success. With the invention of Kindle Unlimited, there’s the possibly of making $10 for all 6 parts vs. $2-4 for a pricey novel. I think I’ve got enough cliffhanger chapters to market this giant novel as a serial. This will be my first attempt at a serial and hopefully, it turns out well.

The other thing I have to consider is that some people do NOT like cliffhangers. My novelette Last Words is a bit of a cliffhanger and some people were not happy. I’ve actually seen an Amazon reviewer give a serial one star and say, “I will continue to give authors that write serials like this one star reviews until they stop. Give us the whole book.” For those people, after all six parts are published, I plan to put them all together in an Omnibus. I try to please everybody, but I know that isn’t possible. All I can do is…Keep writing.



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